Hold the Phone, JoJo's Getting Excited...

About what? I know right...

Lets start with the small beans, the shit that actually does make my heart flutter a little bit. Or a lot bit.

Joe Loprieno. Those Merrimack girls are gonna miss you buddy...meanwhile I will be waiting with bated breath for you to hit the ice in Worcester. Something tells me this is going to be a dud of a roman candle for San Jose this year, which means they will be grasping at all of my precious Worcester straws...lets stock the shelves in preparation shall we? Besides this...please, PLEASE, if you take Staubitz away from me, at least leave me a Nick Petrecki, Dan DaSilva and Joe Loprieno in return? K thanks.

Love you long time Nick...and those are epically acceptable eyebrows.

Second order of mediocre and/or exciting business...being back home. Taking yet another bite of the Big Apple (and of course, in saying this I falsely confirm everyone's deluded idea that I live in NYC and not the "correct version": an outer lying suburb on Long Island)

While being back is great (I'm allowed to openly be an asshole and people don't commit suicide over it) it's going to be an adjustment from my regular routine...that routine being: get up, go to work, go to HP Pavilion, have the most amazing night of my life/throw a tantrum (depending...) 41 times over.

But the exciting part lies here...going to see the Isles play. I know, 98% of people think I'm crazy but...you know, I love the AHL...HENCE, lots of Isles love. And holy hell, if Marty Biron doesn't get my ass to the party, nobody will...I cannot fully or even minutely begin to describe how flippin excited I am to see him in that net in Nassau Coliseum. Watching him on one end of the ice, and (maybe?) Brian Boucher on the other...thems be the makings of an old fashioned JoJo head explosion...and then DP...oh God...

Its also going to be kind of weird/interesting/tripping me the puck out...living back East for hockey season now. I am now so close to so many teams I hate, I can barely stand it!! Oh the anticipation builds...

But quite honestly, the best part of this coming season is going to be the 2010 AHL ASG...I mean, last season's saw JoJo falling in love with the pure GENIUS of it all. And the greatest part about it is...the drunken debauchery. Hands down. Everyone unites on a common ground of liquor filled amazingness...coaches, players, fans, journalists, VIP's, and people who claim to be all the above such as myself. But see, host city Portland got it right this time 'round...they're OFFICIALLY hosting a pub crawl to conclude the weekend. So really, come on now...that is shameless promotion of drunken hockey debauchery if I've ever seen it. Whoever ISN'T looking forward to that weekend clearly needs a good spearing. Wait...that came out wrong.

Ok...Dany Heatley...the last item I should be excited about but can't seem to help but laugh at. I truly and honestly hope with all my soul that this is all just a rumor and it will blow over and Doug Wilson will come out and be like, "You guys are on Candid Camera! Oh, wow, that was good Greg...we really got em good...they actually believed we were going to completely run the Sharks off into OFFICIAL laughing stock land now...sorry everyone, false alarm."

Ok wait, let me explain...I'm not an idiot, I know the guy puts up big numbers when he wants to, and just may very well be the catalyst Big Joe needs to get his ass in gear (yeah btw, can someone tell him he's got a manual transmission? Apparently he's been thinking he was an automatic this entire time) and vice versa...what I AM saying is, yes... some of us believe we are better off staying the way we are than having to deal with that man. The San Jose Sharks don't roll like that. (Believe me, if Devin Setoguchi could, he would.) Besides, the state of California doesn't have enough Midol to keep Mr. Heatley happy.

Alas, I digress...in Wilson we trust, and if Dougie says there shall be Heat, then dammit, Heat there shall be.

Late night ramblings done. The End.